Solids Handling is Identified as a Major Industrial activity.

Bulk materials are employed in one form or another in the vast majority of industries. Over 16,000,000,000 Tonnes of common raw materials are handled each year, most many times from source to ultimate use. Despite advances in the technology, companies plants that handle loose solids experience more problems and run less efficiently that those handling liquid and gasses.

The BMHB looks to improve industrial efficiency by education and cooperation.


Objectives: Promoting good practice…

  • Exploiting the Technology and promoting good practice
  • Promoting the technology and good practice in industry.
  • Recommended design procedures.
  • Publication of guide books and articles.
  • Initiating areas of cooperation between companies.
  • A Focus for advice and guidance.
  • Furthering industrial education
  • Identify areas for research.

Good Practice

BMHB promotes good and safe practices and identify practical handling needs throughout the industry. We also identify areas for research and produce documents, guide notes and data. Read More

Solids Handling

Bulk material handling s is by far the largest international industrial activity, with over 16,000,000,000 tonnes of common products handled each year, many time from source to use. . Read More


Hopper design was virtually a black art until the 1960’s, when Andrew Jenike published Bull 123 of the University of Utah experimental station. Read More

Our History

The British Materials Handling Board was formed by the Government in 1979. A key objective was to act as a focus for the dissemination of knowledge and good practice in the materials handling industry. Read More


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