Solid Sense Articles.

A series of concise, guideline articles on varied solids handling topics

  1. Increasing the rate of discharge from hoppers
  2. Selecting the optimum hopper shape of bulk storage hopper
  3. It’s important to know the language.
  4. Dealing with damp bulk materials, filter cake and centrifuged products
  5. A new approach to feeder load
  6. Recommended Steps for Reliable Pneumatic Conveying
  7. Recommended practice for hopper discharge screws.
  8. Probe deeply what is to be handled.
  9. Handling fine powders.
  10. The importance of feeder extraction patterns on flow regimes
  11. The value of good hopper interfacing design.
  12. Batch or continuous mixing?
  13. Quick Guide to the Selection of Flow Regime for a Bulk Storage Hopper
  14. Avoiding common caking problems
  15. The Evolution of Powder Technology
  16. Ten Key steps for Characterising Bulk Materials
  17. Belt Feeder optimisation
  18. Evaluation of Options to Change the Flow Profile in Silos
  19. Chute Transfer
  20. Top 10 Tips on dealing with Segregation
  21. Powder Testing for Flow
  22. Regimes of flow in storage hoppers
  23. Guidelines to Prevent Particle Jamming or Structural Blockages
  24. Reason for hopper outlets to be larger than the critical span
  25. Prospects for Mass Flow
  26. Hopper Design Chart
  27. Bulk Density control
  28. Ten Golden Rules for Solids Handling Projects
  29. Silo Quaking
  30. The Screw Commandments
  31. For the un-enlightened Purchaser of Solids Handling plant
  32. The Use of Inserts in Hoppers

BMHB Publications relating to Solids Handling.

‘Glossary of Terms in Powder and Bulk Technology’ – by Lyn Bates
Price £25.00 plus P & P

‘User Guide to Particle Attrition in Mechanical Handling Equipment’
Price £20.00 plus P & P.

‘User Guide to Segregation’ (IBSN 0 94 6637 11 3) – by Lyn Bates
Price £30.00 plus P & P

‘Guide to the Control of Dusty Materials in Large Scale Installations’
Price £35.00 plus £5.00 P & P

‘Guide to the Selection and Use of Intermediate Bulk Containers’ – by Tom Taylor
Price £20.00 plus P & P

‘Guide to the Design, Selection and Application of Screw Feeders’ – by Lyn Bates
Price £50.00 plus P & P (ISBN 1 86058 285 0)

‘Guide to the selection of valves for solids handling’ – by Tom Taylor
Price £30.00 plus P & P

‘Guide to the Handling of Dusty Materials in Large Scale Handling Operations’ – by T.Taylo
Price £30.00 plus P & P

‘The Global Status of Bulk Materials Handling’ – by Lyn Bates
Price £20.00 plus P & P

‘Code of Practice for the Purchase and Operations of Fabric Filters for Durst Control’ – by Dr. R.W.K.Allen
Price £25.00 plus P & P


Out of print publications – available as photocopies.

‘Powder Testing Guide – Methods of measuring the physical properties’ – by L. Svarovsky
Price £25.00 plus P & P

‘Vibration Guidelines – The effect of Vibration on Bulk Materials and Plant ’ – by W.E.Hepworth
Price £5.00 plus P & P

‘Bulk Solids – Physical Properties Test Guide’– by H.N.Wilkingson
Price £20.00 plus P & P

‘Guidelines for Specifying Weighfeeder Systems’.
Price £25.00 plus P & P


BMHB Publications relating to Solids Handling.

‘Powder Testing Guide’ – by L.Savaroski
Method of measuring the physical properties of bulk powders
(ISBN 1 85166 137 9)

Published by Elsevier Applied Science Publishers
Crown House, Linton Road, Barking, Essex. EG11 8JU

‘Economic Guide to the Design of Circular Metal Silos’ – by Michael J. Rotter
(ISBN 0 419 23460 8)

Published by SPON Press
11 Fetter Lane, London


‘Process Vessels subject to Explosion Risk’ – Ed by S. Pilkington
(ISBN 0 85295 428 X)

Published by I.Chem.E
Davis Building, 165 -189 Railway Terrace, Rugby,
Warwickshire. CV21 3HQ

‘Silos – Draft Design Code’ Author Dr F.F.H. Valantine

Joint Publications British Standards Institute
by BSI and BMHB
389 Chiswick High Road London W4 4AL


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